Over the years there has been a big debate over what powers the golf swing. Some say it’s the arms, while others say it’s the body. Hopefully this tip finally puts this to rest.

Why it’s so important that you know what powers the golf swing is because it will determine your understanding of the swing and what you are even working on in your own swing. If you think it’s the arms, you will neglect the body. If you think it’s the body, you will neglect the arms.

After watching this tip it should become clear that you need to work on both parts of your swing to get power. For some getting more distance and clubhead speed it difficult. Typically this is because they don’t understand how the golf swing works, they are working on too many things or the wrong things.

Just realize that anyone can get more clubhead speed resulting in more distance if you understand it and work on the pieces. Keep it simple and you will gain more power in no time.

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