Titleist Tips: James Sieckmann’s Favorite Putting Drills

If your idea of putting practice is taking three golf balls out of your bag and rolling a few putts before you play, Titleist staff member James Sieckmann would like a word.

You hit more putts during the course of a round than any other type of shot. If you want to improve your scores and lower your handicap, there’s no quicker way than dedicating a little more time to your putting.

As you’ll see in this video, James is a big proponent of practicing with a purpose, so he has detailed three of his favorite putting drills – one to ingrain the feel of a sound putting stroke, another to improve your touch and distance control and a third to improve your face control of the putter at impact.

Incorporate these simple drills into your practice regimen and you’ll know that you’re working on sound putting fundamentals that will quickly result in much prettier numbers on your scorecard.

For more tips and drills from James and other Titleist Staff Members, visit Titleist Instruction: https://bit.ly/2W4QkIR

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